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Fast skip hire Birmingham

The best skip hire service in Birmingham

We deliver our services cheap, fast and local. In our offer there are enough skips for you to get yours almost immediately. If you need our services, please contact us by phone or email. We will respond as soon as possible!


Do you want to hire your skip for the best price?

For us, client is most important. We believe that a service provided with best quality and lowest prices, will keep our clients happy and help our business thrive

Rubbish removal

We have skips i all sizes you need

You need the right tool for the right task. Thera are different skips for different needs and we got them all. We provide our service with skips sizes ranging from 2 to 40 cubic yards

Fast skip hire Birmingham

Skip Hire with Wait-and-load service

We understand that there isn't always a place for skip to be left on the site so we created a service just for you. Our driver will pick up waste from offices, shopps and workshops.


Fast, cheap and professional!

About Us

SkipHireFast is a company with perennial experience operating in the skip hire-related branch of industry with its seat located in Birmingham. Thanks to vast experience in the field and the proficiency of our workers, we are capable of providing our customers with skips ranging from 2 to 40 cubic yards in highly competitive, reasonable prices. Our cheap skip hire offer is one of the best in the Birmingham area.

It cannot be overlooked that our company has been operating on the domestic market for over 30 years. Our main scope of activity is waste removal and recycling. We have achieved or remarkable success in Birmingham predominantly thanks to the knowledge and professional experience of the employed individuals. They are backed by the highest possible quality of skips offered to the interested parties, as well as by the guarantee that the appropriate waste will be recycled after collection. Our client can be sure that our firm cares about the environment. Skips ordered via our service can be delivered to all the spots located within the borders of Birmingham, as well as to areas neighboring with the city.

While taking our working days into account, it must be pointed out that it would be hard to find another company with such a professional approach to the executed tasks. Our employees are available for you six days a week, meaning that you can place your order and hire a skip from Monday to Saturday. If you happen to need an advice in terms of the skip type that would be most appropriate for the realized project, do not hesitate to contact with our representatives. They will be honored to help you and resolve all your doubts. Remember that when it comes to cheap skip hire in Birmingham we are among the best.

Some people ask about our equipment. We are glad to indicate that aside from skips for hire, we are also in possession of a wireless radio communication system, thanks to which our drivers are in constant contact with the main office. Due to the said fact, they can head to your home or workplace right after receiving information about your order from our dispatcher.

We would also like to inform our customers and prospective clients that the trucks we take advantage of to provide skip hire-related services are professionally adjusted to the performance of such tasks. They undergo a daily inspection, as well as they are regularly maintained. All the key parts are replaced on regular basis, in order to ensure that our drivers can reach your quickly and safely. Our trucks are simply perfect for skip hire distribution!

We are fully aware of the fact that sometimes it is impossible for the hired skip to be left on site. Therefore, we have made a decision to expand our offer by adding a Wait-and-Load service to it. If you order it, you can be sure that our drivers will reach you as soon as possible and remove all the unwanted waste from such areas as shopping centers, offices, workshops, etc.

The SkipHIreFast company provides its services for all types of customers – private, commercial, and corporate ones. Thanks to the availability of numerous payment options, you will be granted to possibility to undertake the payment for the executed tasks the way you like. The options chosen by the customers frequently ordering our services are debit payment and payment by card. No cash on delivery type payment is required while cooperating with us!

If you are interested in our offer, please familiarize yourself with the remainder of our website in order to check other options that can be taken advantage of while placing an order. If need be, you can also reach us via phone. In such a case, just call us and you will have the chance of agreeing upon collaboration terms with our representatives.

Commercial Skip Hire

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting both large-scale and small companies and shops by providing them with rubbish removal services. Thanks to us, they have saved a significant amount of money while at the same time having the service provided quickly, effectively, and professionally. Our company guarantees that regardless of the profile of the enterprise ordering our services, its employees will be able to satisfy its needs and remove all the unwanted waste in no time.

Domestic Skip Hire

We know that companies are not the only entities interested in our services. Individual customers may also be in need of soil, waste, rubble, and debris removal. If such a situation arises, do not look for a company claiming that its representatives will perform the service on time. Choose something more than that, choose our Company. We are not only efficient, but also professional and skilled when it comes to domestic skip hire. Give us a try and you will surely not regret your decision!

Questions, doubts, as well as orders and complaints may be presented to our representatives at: 020 2121 3304.

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